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On June 21, 1959, Mr. Willie J. Chambliss and Ms. Irene McAllister were married at Paradise Temple C.O.G.I.C. Chicago, Illinois. What followed were their four lovely children and ten beautiful grandchildren.

The Chambliss name has always been highly regarded in Maywood and surrounding communities. The family operated a thriving fish market. Although he was unsure about where the Lord was leading him, in 1969 he closed Chambliss Grocery and on Mother's Day, May 11, opened what was originally purposed to be a mission to help combat a growing drug and alcohol problem in this small community. His commitment to God, strong leadership abilities and sincerity were recognized almost immediately, prompting supporters to suggest organizing the Miracle Revival Center Church.

By the fall of 1973, the 100-seat store front at 1717 St. Charles Rd. had become inadequate. Rented space on the second floor of an office building at 2151 W. Madison in Bellwood, Illinois became the new home of Miracle Revival Center, expanding seating capacity to 300. It didn't take long to fill these seats as God continued to move confirming each move by giving increase. Miracle and Revival are perhaps the most apropos words that could be used to describe what propelled this ministry into its rapid rate of growth. The word raced through the streets of this community about this progressive new ministry. This innovative approach to ministry tent revivals, vacation bible school and a string of dynamic speakers prompted growth that no one could ever have anticipated. On September 8, 1974 just one year after moving into the Madison facility, a motorcade of MRC members, driving from the 2151 Madison building, headed to a former Jewel food store at 2010 St. Charles Rd. that would represent the organization's first major real estate acquisition.

Submitting to a higher calling is what was witnessed by hundreds gathered on February 2, 1985 for a special consecration ceremony, as then Elder Chambliss humbly accepted his calling into the office of Bishop.


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