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Facility Usages


*  Concert/Production Rental  

*  Weddings  

*  Funerals

*  Funeral Visitations

*  Pre-Past or Repast (No food provided by the church)

*  Visitation @ the church the evening before

*  Honorarium Pastor DeAndre Patterson

*  Elders/Evangelist

*  Musician

*  Psalmist


Equipment Rental

*  Projector Screen (Slide show and live screen feed, no recording)

*  Microphone/Podium

*  Video

*  Video recording


Sanctuary seats 1,200

Fellowship Hall accommodates 200


**Concerts/Productions as well as certain funerals will be required to provide and insurance certificate naming Miracle Revival Cathedral as additional insured.


**At the sole descretion of Miracle Revival Cathedral certain renters are subject additional security requirements which renter will bare the cost.


**All obituaries and or programs which will be distributed at MRC facilities are to be approved by Miracle Revival Cathedral prior to print.


**All video/photo presentations require prior review and approval before they will be allowed to be shown.



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