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Miracle Revival Cathedral 

Purpose, Mission, and Vision Statements



Honoring God; Helping People 

Called to make a difference through Action & Teaching; Love Is... What Love Does!


Miracle Revival Cathedral (MRC) is a communities' church, where we connect with God and others to grow in our Faith!




We at MRC are here to guide each other one step at a time further along a spiritual and personal journey.


We empower ourselves through God's word; Consciously acknowledging a knowing presence where you may not expect to find God! 


Allowing God's will to guide our lives empowers us as a whole individual, which allows us to do God's work of Service - by giving of ourselves to help others tap into their full potential through development and growth of our whole being, supported by spiritual guidance.


With God's leadership and guidance, MRC will REACH, TEACH, DEVELOP, & GROW others spiritually and personally throughout the local, national, and international communities. 



To authentically live our purpose and mission; Inspiring the World Community in which every person regardless of age, race / ethnicity, religion or gender, knows God!


Empowering ourselves to be who God created us to be spiritually, mentally, physically, and financially.


MRC is here for YOU!


-Helping children, youth, women and men connect or reconnect, & understand God's word (The Bible)

-Lending helping hands to others

-Inspiring, teaching, preaching to and mentoring local, national & international communities 

-Energizing our gifts and utilizing our talents to help empower ourselves & others

-Reaching our full potential in God and life by embodying our whole being, our families, our communities, & diversity throughout the World

-Offering transformative experiences, resources, guidance, and training in spiritual & personal growth

-Enhancing the overall quality of life by helping All connect everyday life with spiritual life; Living our best, most inspired life with God actively participating as the head!



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